How to configure returns and receive data?

There is a need for the page of the birthdays, phone numbers of staff and staffing structure
I want to do in a SPA
Wrote this article giving the app data API

Started with the following data name and birthday (then I'll be screwed already on the way to say the source)
I want to make here is this functionality:
- when you open the page displays a list of employees who have the PD on the current day, and if there are none we need to show a week
in the middle of the screen shows the current date and if there is a day ETC it somehow appears (say frame)
above and below, respectively, the previous and subsequent birthdays
- the interface I want buttons like in Google calendar) year month week day. Animated buttons need to rebuild the list of free

How correctly to load data from backend?
- shipping to all employees and then "play data" on frontend, at the vue
- forming desired image data on the backend and in the frontend to give a ready response to the request (e.g., birthday boy just a week from 8 to 14 October)

If difficult to tell the pros and cons of both methods...

The first thing that occurred to me:
it all depends on the amount of data (state 80)
March 12th 20 at 08:02
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March 12th 20 at 08:04
Yes, there is probably as you prefer. Maybe the gash on the calendar year and bring in the whole list of employees with birth dates. And the staff, it may be easier and less queries will succeed. Yes, and the load then there is almost no difference. There is probably more need to pay attention to the front, so everything is beautifully and logically displayed. + add the ability from the front to manage the calendar.
To manage what, for example? - bradford_Bos commented on March 12th 20 at 08:07
@bradford_Bos, I don't know )) maybe some kind of label to set (reminder) Well, this is purely for employees. You there is probably the interaction between the team? For example one who has a birthday today, only sees what he has done. All other for example, see a comment: "Throw Natasha a gift for 500 rubles" or "Congratulations Natasha 12.00" :) - sienna0 commented on March 12th 20 at 08:10
@sienna0, ahh, I understand what you mean) well, Yes, interesting idea...
I wanted to do a reminder just for all... and then you can select... "selected employees" but then it will complicate the interaction of the frontend with backend... will need to make a separate plate in the database to store information about it
It's already vuex need to apply ?
Or list name, and OTHERS is also necessary in vuex store? - bradford_Bos commented on March 12th 20 at 08:13

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