How to include additional python module in the exe file "launcher"?

Would like to get a build of Python with necessary modules included. Ideally be a simple launcher runs CREATED under windows routines (Ala plugins) And in one plugin will import pandas for example. And the other import bs4. My logic in lycera no import module should not be. But then these modules should be included in the exe build? for example pyinstaler th?

I'm sorry:) not a programmer.
March 12th 20 at 08:03
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March 12th 20 at 08:05
To rebuild from source binary. to configure different builds of pythons
As an option: add something like and check if any of the available plugins string import pandas. If there is some import in pandas The idea of the plugin, launched from main will be available to the pandas module. If no plugin with import pandas was not found - it will not boot in There is also an understanding that the plugin is only available libraries are pre-connected to the launcher.
But the question pyinstaller will pull this library? He collects the binaries on the idea. - wilton_Johnson commented on March 12th 20 at 08:08
March 12th 20 at 08:07
why do that now the Internet is everywhere, and how to use pip 10 minutes to read, specifically you can read about the ability to handle requirements.txt
Well, at least I would like to explore the possibilities of data analysis pandas without deep programming skills. And quickly teach their managers, marketing and sales) And to give them a flash drive with an exe schnick. Now my request looks as follows: Comrades want to see you doing reports here. But for this you need to complete the programming course in Python:) And system administrator need to install Python. - wilton_Johnson commented on March 12th 20 at 08:10
@wilton_Johnsonthat prevents to make an internal web server with Python and needed a simplified "face" for managers? - hubert_Sanford commented on March 12th 20 at 08:13

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