If I can connect a ip phone yeaplink t21 e2 to the cloud PBX through the laptop connected to the access point via wifi?

actually had an idea.
To rid the office of unnecessary wire:
There is an equal number of laptops and ip phones yeaplink t21 e2
the laptop connects to the network using Wi-Fi. Is it possible to connect the phone to the laptop and using the laptop to connect the phone to the network, i.e., the cord from the laptop included in the port of the Internet phone, and laptop organized by the virtual bridge between two network connections wifi and ethernet included.
The fact that one of the phones and laptops. such a scheme work, and with others however some do not quite understand why...?
In General interested in the cons of such wiring.
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March 12th 20 at 08:06
On good ip phones need to drive your traffic through the cable and into its own separate vlan. But as soon as security you do not pay attention, then it can use it.

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