How to implement a peer-to-peer connection in a non-local network?

How to implement a peer-to-peer connection? For voice transmission. I tried freeswith, but there need a sip provider for it to work. I need a connection in a non-local network. And without intermediaries type of some providers, it's possible at all? The problem seems to be that peers can find each other even if there is a Central server and they find out your real address over a public stun servers. This real address is changing all the time. How it is solved at all?
March 12th 20 at 08:04
1 answer
March 12th 20 at 08:06
Peer-to-peer connection to the Internet is often difficult to implement due to the fact that each participant can be located behind some firewalls and NAT, will require opening ports and forwarding them, or does uchastka of the connection will be "gray" address. In any case you will need a server-intermediaries with the white the Internet address, which may be Asterisk or FreeSwitch. Actually they will be the "sip provider", establishing the connection between 2 or more peers. Also, the data PBX configuring the server after the initial contact between 2 uchastnikami, will attempt to link voice traffic directly, however, due to already announced a problem with the ptp to the Internet, this configuration may not work in "non-Ethernet".

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