Custom format in Excel to properly display long numbers with leading zeros?

Hello! Stepping on the same rake, which previously defeated in Excel - the problem with incorrect displaying long numbers, where some of them can be padded with leading zeros.

Earlier somewhere of the forums found a specific cell format that would correctly display long numbers with leading zeros, it took a couple of months and I forgot how to set the format. And today something for a long time looking for this format and now ask your first question in the Toaster :)

Can someone often works in Excel and will be able to tell what format to set the format of Excel cells.

Options with apostrophe or any other character at the beginning and the cell format "Text" is not offered, am interested in is a custom option, which is set in the "Format cells" - "All formats", which solves two problems:
1) the Correct display of long numbers
2) the Correct display numbers with leading zeros

There's also an option to collect the Excel file the HTML markup and add style .text, but in this case the question is in the format specified in the Excel.
Examples of styles:
.num {
 mso-number-format:"\@";/*force text*/

Example of numbers which you want to specify the format:

Thank you!
June 7th 19 at 14:38
1 answer
June 7th 19 at 14:40
000 000 000 000

if you do not have to finished for yourself:

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