Plagin page scroll Hu Ken help?

The bottom line is there is a page in which there is a section in the inside of which has links to the sections
Each section has its own id when we are in the section id should substituted in the url,when changing section changes the url
<a class="scrollto" data-anchor="third-page" href="#third-page" data-href="#section3">

Script scroll
("body").on('click', 'a.scrollto', function() {
 var elementClick = $(this).attr("data-href")
 var destination = $(elementClick).offset().top;
 scrollTop: destination
 }, 800);
 return false;

Script inicializacia.
createFullpage function(){
 //sectionsColor: ['#000', '#4BBFC3', '#7BAABE', 'yellow', '#ccddff'],
 anchors: ['zero-page', 'first-page', 'second-page', 'third-page', 'fourth page', 'fifth-page', 'sixth-page', 'ten-page', 'eleven page'],
 //menu: '#fp-nav',
 scrollingSpeed: 1000,

 responsiveWidth: 768,
 responsiveHeight: 640,
March 12th 20 at 08:07
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