Network programming C#, literature, advice?

Self-taught, direction chose network programming and have variable success. But all I know about the various mechanisms of my own design + gugler associated with the implementation of these notions.
Hence please suggest the explanatory literature describing different mechanisms for network communication on the sharp.
For example, I build your own protocols on top of TCP transport with account teams. And get this hybrid bike from a homemade ICMP specifications(hex-byte commands with arguments) and advanced TCP\IP specifications(one packet = 64 bytes, the mechanism takes into account the build of all packages on one transaction). I am sure that these solutions have disadvantages, but without additional knowledge, I can hardly see them.
DOP. question: does it make sense to read additional literature on the mechanisms, or this approach is sufficient and should be paid time exclusively to the study of the theory and protocols.
March 12th 20 at 08:09
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March 12th 20 at 08:11
Can you recommend a couple books if you have not yet read them, maybe something new will gather.
For C#:
Network programming for professionals. Andrew Krowczyk, Vinod Kumar.
And in General about network programming, there really examples in C, but you can understand:
Effective TCP IP programming. Jon Sneyd.

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