Randomization (the unique) photos on the fly, how to implement?

The task is to execute a unique image that resides locally on the server running cent os 6, to carry out (generate) need on-the-fly, i.e. each time to avoid storing these photos in fact by car.

In short: suppose there is a file with the name 1.jpg located locally on the server, one of the scripts (ImageMagick, NConvertor some equivalent) is necessary to make a unique image, for example, to beat the pixels, crop n-% with random hand, change date of photo, name, etc. (the above software makes it all very quickly)

Further, this action with randomized generated each time you access the link/links.
Managed to see the randomization in action, which is the same link gave a different result, figuratively need to obtain the uniqueness of the original photo when someone clicks on your links such as domain.ru/cat/rnd (for example, domain.ru/cat/123, domain.ru/cat/321, domain.ru/cat/abc , etc.). Most likely what that spelled out the directory gave the command to Rand original photo and threw the finished result, every time a new, even if accessed at the same address and worked that's all it is for a specific site directory, i.e. index.php were available as usual, this is important!

I would like to script (for example .sh) + configure/fill in server for rapid deployment on a new server. Willing to pay for this set if it is a reasonable amount of money and not a quick solution to this problem.
June 7th 19 at 14:40
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