How to rebuild PHP from source for the iconv?

Hello, on my Windows home server I receive the data from phpinfo(): iconv
iconv support enabled
iconv implementation "libiconv"
iconv library version 1.15

As you may have noticed iconv implementation installed libiconv and function iconv works correctly.
Once downloaded onto your server, where Debian 9 "stretch" is also installed php, but the data from phpinfo() issue:
iconv support enabled
iconv implementation "glibc"
iconv library version 2.24

The whole reason I understand it in glibc, in the official documentation recommend installing GNU libiconv to solve the problem. On stackowerflow answered in 2011, I would like to update the information.

Question: How in my situation to re-compile PHP with libiconv module in the kernel on a production website in production with a minimum of errors and a detailed explanation of the action ? :) Thank you in advance.

You probably say, "the way it is written." That's it! I so degraded that it can't handle, and therefore appeal to you my dear experts ;)
June 7th 19 at 14:42
1 answer
June 7th 19 at 14:44
To install different versions of php use phpfarm. A set of scripts for easier compiling.
The truth is often the time spent on the selection of options komplecie and install all the dev libraries.

Plus googling the options "switch php iconv implementation"

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