Or is it possible to make a font?

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The question arose, is it possible to make the font/text is a sign on the background of the two-layered background consisting of images and semi-transparent background on top of it, so that the font was semi-transparent without the second layer poluprecnik with a plain background, that is shone from the picture and the rest of the place was filled with color.

June 7th 19 at 14:43
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June 7th 19 at 14:45
Thank you and see - Maria_Quitzon commented on June 7th 19 at 14:48
Noticed that appears when you hover the mask, all right, but the examples here https://codepen.io/yoksel/full/fsdbu the text is also obscured, and the idea is that the text should not darken, its transparency must be absolute. - Maria_Quitzon commented on June 7th 19 at 14:51
June 7th 19 at 14:47
You can try:
but https://caniuse.com/#search=mix-blend-mode

PS by the Way the font Shine through not the image which is the background of the block.. (or positioning it more)
yeah I noticed that too, but does not change the fact, just the designer took the trouble to make clearance on the right =) - Maria_Quitzon commented on June 7th 19 at 14:50

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