Is it possible to record audio from the synth via MIDI?

A question: when recording through the sound.the map synthesizer can only record through the audio inputs? That is, the MIDI I can not convey the timbre, the sound hardwarove tool on the laptop, only to use as a keyboard controller for software instruments? Then what's the point of MIDI synths? MIDI keyboard clear - they are and need to manage sortovye tools, but Haridwar tools in the hell, only for switching between the different ways the tools? And why are many switching schemes synth that is strongly connected to the MIDI connectors?
Or I tuplyu and connect my MIDI and audio?
June 7th 19 at 14:46
1 answer
June 7th 19 at 14:48
Yes, that's right. The audio output of the synthesizer used to record audio and only through him can output the sound setting on the synth. MIDI output makes the synthesizer in a MIDI keyboard (why deprive him of such opportunity, right?) you can control other synthesizers or to play simultaneously on multiple devices, thereby layering the sounds. The same MIDI signal, you can switch presets and change settings.

In General, all for the sake of flexibility. You can not use MIDI outs if they don't need it.
And you can use the synth only as a controller.
Even on the synth can be MIDI input and through it, other devices can control its settings and change its settings.

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