Why redux-react works so strange?

Please look at the screenshot of slider code you will see after pictures.
1500 cost(variable Min) and 1800(the variable Max)
On the slider the current value is 1500(the variable Min and the current value of 1700(variable Max)

Two variable, three values.

Here is my element slider.
Min = this.props.min
Max = this.props.max

 <slider range step="{100}" defaultvalue="{[Min," max]} min="{Min}" max="{Max}">

const mapStateToProps = state => (

Here reducer

 min: 1400,
 max: 1700

const receivePosts = (state, action) => {
 return {...state
 max: 1800,
 min: 1500

export default (state = INITIAL_STATE, action) => {
 switch (action.type) {
 return receivePosts(state,action)
 return state

What could be the problem ??? Where the old value could take?? At me already the roof goes
It is the second value of defaultValue does not want to change.
June 7th 19 at 14:49
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