How to find an organization to target training?


Are 11th grade student, and actually became interested in the question "where and how to do that?".
Went in the interest of the Institute to doors open day, find out the exact checksum of the last thread and was a bit skeptical about their ability to pass the exam in the score. So I'm specifically thinking on the subject of entering the contract from any organization, but there is this small problem.

Since I do not live in a big city and in a provincial town with a population of ~80k(not having the ability to get into Commerce), and all companies are in a different city (the same place where the Institute would not have said that far) to find information on the Internet, but finding it is difficult, as all major companies have established their own "schools".

  1. What I do:
    • Have basic knowledge in C++ (4 years of courses, two of which Borland)
    • The basics of Assembly language x86-64, basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and database handling using C#
    • Quite a quick study and delve into the essence of algorithms(IMHO)
    • Maximum I wrote - this is a keygen in C++ for Fantom Crackme #8 and a regular calculator in C++ and then C#
    • A strong attraction and an unhealthy interest in IT-technologies
    • A well-developed logic
  2. I'm interested in:
    • Can I with such modest knowledge to try their luck to get the target direction of any good company on coding that I have and was able to self-development at work, and not "reinventing the wheel" as it happens in freelancing.
    • If so, where should start to look? Because I have no way to consult with someone working in the companies that offer such kits. The idea was to call the hotline of the Ministry of education, but it seems to me that they have no such information, or it is not enough.
March 12th 20 at 13:38
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March 12th 20 at 13:40
As already said @jo , the company should be interested in You either in the long run You will bring her more money (read: talent, ability, etc.), or have ties and access to HR.

If no tie-not, the General advice is: you need to search, Google activity, open days, competitions and other social elevators and torture them happiness, unless of course you are already too late. Thus be of interest to some, or at least some company. On the toaster with a description of their skills, in Your case, nobody will be interested.

If not manifest itself, then
any good company on coding

deals don't wait. The easiest way to go at the target from any power structure, there frequently are sets.
The easiest way to go at the target from any power structures,
the length of the rouble, output is not provided - jo commented on March 12th 20 at 13:43
@jo, does not in General agree in a particular case and it happens sometimes, depends on where you will get - Vincenzo commented on March 12th 20 at 13:46

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