Mail server from scratch for a beginner?

1) How to choose OS for the path, Windows or *nix. (Experience with Win Serv. more).
2)Mail server is definitely free, for 10-15 people, with the most trivial installation and interface.
June 7th 19 at 14:57
3 answers
June 7th 19 at 14:59
Zimbra Open Source
for example, if free
June 7th 19 at 15:01
  1. It is always better that you know better
June 7th 19 at 15:03
1. If for yourself - the one that I know (learning the new OS a full immersion possible. If enough force :D). If for a customer that what the customer wants.
2. The technology of mail includes many moments of varying degrees of obviousness. Find pocztowka, which will be all-in-one can the same effect for example. What will you do when you encounter the first problems, for example getting into spam-lists?

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