JQuery UI: sort items between lists?


Please help to solve a problem on the interface that occurred when using JQuery UI Sortable.

Protest live score you can in jsfiddle.net.

As you can see there is a section in which there is either a parts list or a message stating that they are not. Users can move items between sections.

1 Problem:
When the user moves any item from the second section in the first block with the message (.empty-list-group-item) in the first block does not disappear. It disappears only after the event is triggered stop. Question: how to make so that when you move an item into an empty section, in this section there is no block with the message?

2 Problem:
When the user tries to move an item from the fourth section third the fourth section becomes empty without any messages. Again, the message appears only after the stop event. How to display the message correctly in the fourth section?
June 7th 19 at 15:00
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