How to read excel files in PHP?

Good day, actually a few questions.
The essence of the problem is that to retrieve data from the excel file created in 1C, using PHP and put into the database.
Phpexcel and PhpSpreadsheet can't load some of the files, and if one library loads fine, the second not the fact that it will do to apply them in specific cases I can't, because the same user can ship 2 seemingly identical file, and the difference that the intercept does not work, can not afford to do this, and if files "to save" in MS Excel then everything is fine, but to force users to do it I can not, tried EasyXLS, the payment repels the customer.
Question - are there any libraries for table read? Let me remind you that files forms 1C.
Question 2 - I have not tried GoogleSheets, tired waste of time, and decided to ask if it is possible through this service without unloading in GoogleDocs to read files, information can not find...
June 7th 19 at 15:05
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June 7th 19 at 15:07
Try to work with the file to resave it in the xlsx (or even in csv, which won't be problems)
We used for this purpose, the tool unoconv (in fact, LibreOffice). Convert xls and xlsx files from clients to a csv, because working with xlsx began to demand too much OP and time using the specified libraries.
It is possible to turn on a remote hosting? Already found that there is a possibility to fasten to comfortable laravel facade, which is not bad) - Boyd39 commented on June 7th 19 at 15:10
yeah , I think it is possible on any linux hosting - Jensen.Rosenbaum commented on June 7th 19 at 15:13
Apparently you need to ask this question the support - Boyd39 commented on June 7th 19 at 15:16
June 7th 19 at 15:09
Don't know what format 1C generates a file, but if it is .xlsx - this zip-archive usual. Open it and dig deeper into xml-Kah, see what's there and where it is stored.
Normal .xls spits 1C, only the columns are numbered - Boyd39 commented on June 7th 19 at 15:12
June 7th 19 at 15:11
While there are files .xls .xlsx .xlsb, Phpexcel just .xlsx this method and opens, but once the array result came empty, spending a lot of time on the computation of time where data is missing, found that the simplexml_load_string string and returns "nothing", don't know if it's possible to dig deeper, revealing "not readable" file from 1C and resaved with version of MS Excel in a simple text editor(xml-s from the archive) did not find a difference, but the result of the reading of the first blank, the second in full.
June 7th 19 at 15:13
Tried, similarly does not read this file before resaving - Boyd39 commented on June 7th 19 at 15:16

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