How to pass the value via a checkbox vue?

A working example from the documentation:
<div id="example-3">
 <input type="checkbox" id="jack" value="Jack" v-model="checkedNames">
 <label for="jack">Jack</label>
 <input type="checkbox" id="john" value="John" v-model="checkedNames">
 <label for="john">John</label>
 <input type="checkbox" id="mike" value="Mike" v-model="checkedNames">
 <label for="mike">Mike</label>
<br / >
 <span>Checked names: {{ checkedNames }}</span>

new Vue({
 el: '#example-3',
 data: {
 checkedNames: []

Life is not so simple, namely
<div v-for="item in getPosts" :key="item.key" class="table__body__line">
 <div class="table-cell">{{ item.key }}</div>
 <div class="table-cell">{{ }}</div>
 <div class="table-cell">
 <input type="checkbox" id="checkbox" v-model="status">
 <label for=" ??? ">{{ status }}</label><br>

// doesn't work
<input type="checkbox" id="checkbox" v-model="status" value="{{" item.key }}>

 export default {
 name: 'Search',
 components: {
 data () {
 return {
 status: []

How to pass item.key status ?
June 7th 19 at 15:40
1 answer
June 7th 19 at 15:42
<input type="checkbox" id="`checkbox-${item.key}`" :value="item.key" v-model="status">
Thank you!
too, only that these designs are tried `
But not appropriated before id - Hattie.Purdy28 commented on June 7th 19 at 15:45

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