Which Python IDE is best for a beginner?

Hello! Recently started to learn Python, but can not determine the choice of editor (well, IDE - as you like to call it).

Originally kodil in the native IDLE, but its project editor (NOT shell!, the difference between them know) leaves much to be desired, so to speak.

Tried PyCharm - it's too complicated and fancy + all angles, and lot of things are not clear, including in terms of settings.

Have WingsIDE (like it) the free version has limitations and it is impossible to fine-tune the syntax highlighting.

Really liked PyScripter everything's all right, it is, but it has a problem with canvas'Ohm and display the image on the canvas, even if his code is flawless (for comparison: the same code in idle works great without further muddied).

More like Thonny, but there as in idle you need to constantly save before every run the code (in the same PyScripter'e you can configure and run it without saving).

So: who can even tell? what are some other free editors/IDE with simple, clear and intuitive interface, detailed backlight settings of code completion (so he at once created a pair of characters - (), [], {}, ' ', " ") the ability to open a project from the same place (like AutoSave) and the ability to run code without saving (I mean Run, F5)?
March 14th 20 at 16:08
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March 14th 20 at 16:10
+1. When I was writing, used virtual desktops (Ubuntu). gedit top+left terminal (console) top+right, browser (google, stackoverflow, docs, etc) the bottom left. at some point, when the projects won't fit in the tabs of the editor (year and a half to two) and routine operations become routine, the IDE came by itself and took the place of gedit. also changed default console (zsh). Yes, took some piece time. IMHO, it was not in vain. - carlotta_Trembl commented on March 14th 20 at 16:13
March 14th 20 at 16:12
Sublime, good that there is nothing superfluous, everything can be customized
UPD0: Unable to deliver plug-ins for Python CLICK!
hi plz tell me how to do that by ctrl + b, not a new tab, and the console was in the same tab? - Isaac72 commented on March 14th 20 at 16:15
to read the documentation
But I understand you want to split the screen in half, if Yes, then:
Win/Linux: ALT+Shift+2/3/4/5
Mac: CMD+ALT+2/3/4/5
ie you can work with the same code but in different places - Stefan.Ritchie commented on March 14th 20 at 16:18
March 14th 20 at 16:14
PhpStorm :)
March 14th 20 at 16:16
plug-ins are all configurable, everything you need is there, there is no extra.
would you like to - Stefan.Ritchie commented on March 14th 20 at 16:19
but completely free, and Sublime - free during the evaluation period.
Sublime Text may be downloaded and evaluated for free however a license must be purchased for continued use.
- judson commented on March 14th 20 at 16:22
March 14th 20 at 16:18
@judson, and there seems no interpreter?...
The Python plug-in Script and ExecCode.py saintil Ctrl+F1:
- judson commented on March 14th 20 at 16:21
This is the answer to your own question? - myrtis.OKon commented on March 14th 20 at 16:24
And no one knows how to "make friends" with PyScripter canvas'ohms, so it brought the image on the canvas? - Mozelle commented on March 14th 20 at 16:27
March 14th 20 at 16:20
Try the ATOM with the plugin atom-python-run or Visual Studio Code
Why do you need IDE? now, many code editors can do everything that developers need primary and secondary level
And by themselves, the editors will be better for You:
  • occupy less space
  • faster work
  • faster loaded
  • have a large database of plugins, is able to transform them into the same IDE
  • to understand them you can in 20 minutes, some even faster
  • for those who are beginning - in code must be able to understand, and not to the IDE for all You have done

only when you gain practice and gain experience you can start choosing the IDE, but if you do any medium to large project in a team, or the best idea is to stay on what was
March 14th 20 at 16:22
You can install. Atom. Him Run python extensions,autocomplete from kite and jedi. And already the work is getting easier.
March 14th 20 at 16:24
Try Thonny .Really for the beginner.

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