How to accept payments by crypt on the site?

Hi, doing a service on which you want to accept payment using cryptocurrency.
Found a few options, and I want to know I explained a few moments.

I see this:
There are my wallets on the website, they are like a Bank. DOGE BTC LTC
The person asks for a Deposit and give him the address of the wallet that all that is received, I will forward to the appropriate purse + will notify Cui about it. I man draw the balance of this figure and when you request output send from your wallet to him.

I must say it may already have a system where the main wallet, create podsosenki and do not need to do this?

1) site like what I need, there are easy payments, it gives you the method which yields the address of the wallet that dropped the money will be forwarded to my personal wallet and on the website will receive a web hook.
Everything is clear, but you need an API key which you need to request request request sent wait. It can is possible faster?

But why wait go ahead.

2) I Thought to do myself through API of each currency, but you know, a long option. As I understand all I can do is create a wallet, to give to the user on a listen socket, and transfer money when applying for this wallet, right?

3) CoinGate, the site is also almost what you need, they even managed to create the payment that paid, and I received a notice on the API and I have successfully drawn a balance, but for the output of some tools need verification of ID cards, I have a paper passport :(

Here I do not understand it or not.
This are limited quantity of wallets, and to me the idea of replenishment will be doing often as it is possible to use 1 address for all users of the site?
March 19th 20 at 08:24
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March 19th 20 at 08:26

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