Smartphones occurs on the click instead of scrolling. Why?

Flipping on the mobile site. Leaf through slowly and if you get a tap on the menu bar, then instead of here at this moment to scroll left or right on, is click and the menu unfolds. If the scrolling much faster and a sniper to get to the menu, it will not deployed and the site will propityvaetsya on.

The point of course is not on the menu, especially for example on the item card, there is an increasing picture which if flicking the tap to get the same effect. iOS, Android, everywhere to the same effect.

The website on præstø, with miles of css, js bunch of third-party modules and even a zoo. Delan not me. I had to deal only.

Causing at least an idea of what could be. Played with z-index, positioning, nothing helps.
March 19th 20 at 08:25
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