The website can not establish a connection — how to overcome the problem?

Good day, I can't access the site, I can't access from a computer under win10 with other devices everything is going fine with phone or other phones (all under the same wifi) it is not the router dropping the network fails, the other under axle(linux mint) all went сwin10 the problem is with this computerP9FflVdRlew.jpg
March 19th 20 at 08:26
1 answer
March 19th 20 at 08:28
check hosts file and do DNS properly everything will resolvida
He's mulberries: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts - aditya_Feeney commented on March 19th 20 at 08:31
And try to disable the firewall to write a URL specifying the http:// or https:// to change the browser. - angus commented on March 19th 20 at 08:34
@marty.Dach, thank you, I'll just explain what the problem was, I'm not very good. understand the contents of the hosts file was
# Start Open Server e9904e89010118f387db211a7bc2dfa7_hosts ~the problematic website~

# End Open Server e9904e89010118f387db211a7bc2dfa7_hosts

do I understand correctly that my OpenServer made changes to the website with my problem was defined as local? - Alessandro commented on March 19th 20 at 08:37
@Alessandro, you have developed a website on your computer. To open named - that's him over here and entered.
And now you have OpenServer off here and see nothing - marty.Dach commented on March 19th 20 at 08:40

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