Why not output custom fields (ACF plugin) by adding new groups to records?


wp plugin ACF

do the following:
1) create a record (з_1)
2) using the ACF plugin to create the field group (г_1). set the condition for displaying in the admin solely on the record that you created (in з_1)
3) fill out the data on the page, edit record, update. everything is OK, the data is displayed in the subject

1) create another new record (з_2)
2) using the plugin ACF creating a new field group (г_2). specify the condition displayed in the admin only for new created records (in з_2 )
3) fill out the data update. displayed in the topic only the data for the last record (the data for the 3_2), the old (з_1) - empty

if you delete the new entry (з_2), then the subject data is displayed on old records (з_1)

it appears that there is some kind of conflict

is it even possible to specify a custom group of fields for different records, and thus to work with the data? or need a different logic?

thanks in advance
March 19th 20 at 08:26
1 answer
March 19th 20 at 08:28
if you are interested, then display the data in a similar formation of groups of fields/record, you can specify the record ID which was specified values

thank you all

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