How to fix the System.IO.FileLoadException?

Decided to learn OpenTK. Because Microsoft has cut the Nuget package from VS2017, had to collect .dll files from the repository. After you compile .dll libraries and they are crossing in .NET folder, I started writing my first program using this wrapper. But when compiling got the exception System.IO.FileLoadException.


The gugleniya didn't help, many said that it is necessary to use Nuget but I can't. Also, unlocking OpenTK.dll did not help, config .dll file there. Here is the code:
 <dllmap os="linux" dll="opengl32.dll" target=""/>
 <dllmap os="linux" dll="glu32.dll" target=""/>
 <dllmap os="linux" dll="openal32.dll" target=""/>
 <dllmap os="linux" dll="alut.dll" target=""/>
 <dllmap os="linux" dll="opencl.dll" target=""/>
 <dllmap os="linux" dll="libX11" target=""/>
 <dllmap os="linux" dll="libXi" target=""/>
 <dllmap os="linux" dll="SDL2.dll" target=""/>
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="opengl32.dll" target="/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/OpenGL"/>
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="openal32.dll" target="/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenAL.framework/OpenAL" />
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="alut.dll" target="/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenAL.framework/OpenAL" />
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="libGLES.dll" target="/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGLES.framework/OpenGLES" />
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="libGLESv1_CM.dll" target="/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGLES.framework/OpenGLES" />
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="libGLESv2.dll" target="/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGLES.framework/OpenGLES" />
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="opencl.dll" target="/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenCL.framework/OpenCL"/>
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="SDL2.dll" target="libSDL2.dylib"/>
 <!-- Compatibility XQuartz (X11 on Mac) -->
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="" target="/usr/X11/lib/libGL.dylib"/>
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="libX11" target="/usr/X11/lib/libX11.dylib"/>
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="" target="/usr/X11/lib/libXcursor.dylib"/>
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="libXi" target="/usr/X11/lib/libXi.dylib"/>
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="libXinerama" target="/usr/X11/lib/libXinerama.dylib"/>
 <dllmap os="osx" dll="" target="/usr/X11/lib/libXrandr.dylib"/>

I hope for your help, comrades
March 19th 20 at 08:27
1 answer
March 19th 20 at 08:29
at PublicKeyToken swears? Will either have to take the correct Assembly, or any references to it to change
Where to get the correct Assembly, and where to change all the links? - ayla.Koss commented on March 19th 20 at 08:32

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