Search displays simplesearch?

Good day, trying to deal with the conclusion, but something goes wrong.
To search for to use decided simplesearch
The problem is this, if the output of the search form, the result is not showing. If the form is removed, the result is.
Snippet :

where 39 - id page output search result.

The output of the snippet of the result:


<p class="sisea-results">[[+resultInfo]]</p>
<div class="sisea-paging"><span class="sisea-result-pages">[[%sisea.result_pages? &namespace=`sisea` &topic=`default`]]</span>[[+paging]]</div>
<div class="sisea-results-list">
<div class="sisea-paging"><span class="sisea-result-pages">[[%sisea.result_pages? &namespace=`sisea` &topic=`default`]]</span>[[+paging]]</div>

<div class="sisea-result">
 the <h3>[[+idx]]. <a href="[[+link:is=`:then=`[[~[[+id]]]]`:else=`[[+link]]`]]" title="[[+longtitle]]">[[+pagetitle]]</a></h3>
 <div class="extract"><p>[[+extract]]</p></div>

If there is a search form that displays the chunk searchresult-new
If you remove the form once the search displays the chunk searchresults-new
March 19th 20 at 08:28
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