In what programming language is easier to understand OOP?

Guys, Hello!
Generally stormed I to programming! Studied database HTML&CSS, SASS (can not impose complex site).
Now moved on to study Java in order not to be narrow ( I do not want to not offend anyone), since it is not decided on the field, like Froent-end, but I want to develop and So, started learning Java c books in the series Studied HeadFirst Java, it seems to be clear, but the sequence of knowledge offered by the book, leaves much to be desired (first HelloWorld>while>OOP), and OOP is not entirely clear!
Need Your help tell me, maybe there are languages where OOP is easier to understand or can you recommend a book on Java better?
And yet, once the fire is lit, on what programming language to start coding, to break into the field!) Thank you all and for your understanding too!)
March 19th 20 at 08:31
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March 19th 20 at 08:33
OOP - Object-Oriented Programming. I.e. programming through the manipulation of objects. In contrast to the procedural demands large amounts of computing resources. Question: and what for it is necessary? It's very simple - a man thinks of objects, and the programmer is also a man. I.e. the programmer corny the PLO than the PLO. In the end, the Man of the PLO to master is not necessary, it knows by default, and OOP is easier to understand any JAPANESE including and JAVA.
Quickly to start "coding" in any programming language, including JAVA, but to write useful programs quickly will not work on any JAP. Some will never be
Never say never! - nathen.Dibbert75 commented on March 19th 20 at 08:36
Probably Java just yet is completely tied to objects. - Emanuel79 commented on March 19th 20 at 08:39
March 19th 20 at 08:35
Wrong begin.
First learn OOP, its concept, principles, the meaning, and then how it is implemented in a particular language.
But not Vice versa.
And so the best OOP in C++, of course.
C + +, wouldn't it be difficult for me as a beginner to understand? ie first the theory of the PLO, regardless of the language, >> then the language itself??? - Mia.Hacke commented on March 19th 20 at 08:38
It will be difficult. It would be just around one would the experts on the PLO went.

Better Yes, but it is possible with C++ to start, where it is well implemented. And even better - both theory and practice. - Delaney_Rutherford commented on March 19th 20 at 08:41
@Mia.Hacke, of the living languages most consistently the concept of the PLO embodies Ruby is not the most popular now, but it is currently.
Of the currently popular languages is well suited Python is all that is necessary from the PLO, and even a little over there.
Tip @Delaney_Rutherford - mocking, do not meddle in C++, this language is monstrously over-engineered and confusing due to historical reasons. Want something C-like, Java is the IP# in your hands, there is much, much slimmer, more logical, simpler and clearer. - Brennan_Haley commented on March 19th 20 at 08:44
The best of the PLO in the pros, really? This is very bad advice.
In addition to @Brennan_Haley: very good with OOP in java. You can take the development under Android and its to pick. Immediately get and interfaces, and polymorphism, and inheritance, and that's all. I especially recommend immediately in the UI to see - there is this good car. - Christa.Beatty commented on March 19th 20 at 08:47
Thank you @Brennan_Haley and @Christa.Beatty for the tips! I here also think that C++ is not suitable! - Mia.Hacke commented on March 19th 20 at 08:50
@Brennan_Haley, and JavaScript You like? - Mia.Hacke commented on March 19th 20 at 08:53
@Mia.Hacke, bad. JavaScript was originally designed as a crutch, a stub, a temporary solution. Read the story of its creation.
JavaScript is necessary to know because of the situation. He is everywhere and needed by everyone. But as a sample of style th*but. The most impressive things on it done, like the Jit compiler Dart made contrary to his nature.
Gradually (but slowly!) unwinds platform WebAsm, which should greatly facilitate the implementation of compilers for other languages in browser - I can't wait ) - Brennan_Haley commented on March 19th 20 at 08:56
@Brennan_Haley, thanks for the great tips! - Mia.Hacke commented on March 19th 20 at 08:59

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