How to compare two texts with markup in js or php?

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You need to compare two versions of the text. The text is the html markup. This can be done either php or js, whatever. Tried using prettyTextDiff, which is a wrapper for google_diff_match_patch.jsbut he can only work with pure text. Crutches and-so's mother begged him to work with markup, but it is terribly responsive. For example, if the text will be replaced by ul to ol, then displays uo. And here all the trouble. Found no adequate solutions, check the length of the remote/attached (>3 characters, for example) line breaks everything.

Here people faced with the same problem: a Click, so I will take from his example:

Text 1:
the <h1>Heading</h1>
Mom soap frame.
It was not tuch the sky.

Text 2:
the <h1>Title</h1>
My mother washed poodle.
In the sky were clouds.

The result:
<h1><span class=old>Title</span> <span class=new>Name</span><h1>
Mom soap <span class=old>frame</span> <span class=new>poodle</span>.
<span class=old>Not tuch the sky.</span>
<span class=new>In the sky were clouds.</span>
March 19th 20 at 08:32
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March 19th 20 at 08:34
Can someone also needed.
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To work with HTML you need to include "wordGranularity", insert spaces after and before the tags, and when you output run it through htmlspecialchars_decode($rendertext) that the tags are not shown text.

include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/assets/components/fineDiff/finediff.php';

$original_text = str_replace('>' , '> ', $original_text);
$original_text = str_replace('<' , ' <', $original_text);

$changed_text = str_replace('>' , '> ', $changed_text);
$changed_text = str_replace('<' , ' <', $changed_text);

$opcodes = FineDiff::getDiffOpcodes($original_text, $changed_text, FineDiff::$wordGranularity);

$rendertext = FineDiff::renderDiffToHTMLFromOpcodes($original_text, $opcodes);

return htmlspecialchars_decode($rendertext);
March 19th 20 at 08:36

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