React native + Expo on Windows 7 — what emulators to use for testing Android and IOS?


Yesterday on a laptop under Windows 7 with the latest Node.js set RN + Expo according to instructions if, immediately wanted to test "Hello world")) but after two hours of torment revealed that npm start android tablet is connected via USB doesn't work, because the tablet is Android 4.2 and the minimum desired 5 and iPhone your IOS 12 connect failed neither via USB nor via QR code (that writes code "discovered fit the data but there is no"). The link in the mail is also not sending (could customize what you need?)

What to do?

1. Please advise how you can connect for testing iPhone? It would be probably optimal.
2. The idea is to buy some device with a new Android, but this is a decision (by itself, it really doesn't matter).
3. Emulator - is Xcode on Windows 7 is not placed, or placed but hacked, and I hacked to download afraid - suddenly with a virus or something and raise IOS on VirtualBox - also is - emulator on emulator))) in addition, there will need forwarding network set up - I think nicely in real time :( I have IOS as an admin, I do not know.

In General, advise please or iPhone to connect? Or how to configure the emulator?

Only if the emulator - which themselves are reliable. And then Google if I can...

Emulator Android the idea is also necessary - for me at least for something to run Hello world for Expo ))

Thank you!!
March 19th 20 at 08:36
1 answer
March 19th 20 at 08:38
So far I found this: (Android studio with an emulator)

But still want the IOS test.

/*************** for iOS *********************/

Found a solution (it turned out to be very trivial):

1. On the iPhone came to the App Store and did a search "expo react"

2. The first fell out of the program-client for Expo

3. Regnulsya free Expo and logged it.

4. IPhone scanned the QR code on the screen of the laptop and my Helloworld downloaded and run on the iPhone!!)))

hurray!! thank you all!

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