The decision recapcha using services how it works?

How do services like rucaptcha dot com and the like?

Interested here's this moment:
I went to the site where you want to go recapcha, immediately I get a cookie "123456" in the future if I decide recapcha successfully, the website will believe that I have solved it and will miss the next.
Problem: I wrote a Curl request, which is automatically substituting the required data and makes a request to the server curl the query response to the captcha, but the site to which the request does not pay attention to him. the answer may even be empty (probably a mistake of the site, most likely fix soon). the site checks the cookie and if the cookie 123456 has previously been solved captcha, the site passes on.
If you order the solution of the captcha through service rucaptcha they provide me with a response, but as you know, the cook will not provide, so if I put the correct answer - it doesn't work.

Question: How to operate such services (meaning that they give a successful response to the captcha, if you can't use it)? because sites of this type exist, and then someone uses them successfully?
March 19th 20 at 08:39
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