RX570 Sapphire 8GB (bad RAM)?

Its a week after purchase.
All week her test in AAA projects. Metro, Division 2, Resident 2 ..... etc.....
But all the memory loaded on 3 gig of the 8 gigs.
This is not the norm When RE2REMAKE game that eats 12 gigs of VRAM... only uses 3 gig of video memory to 3 gig of RAM and 16! ...................16 CARL! 16 gigs of swap file.

I read that the lack of video memory texture gruzyatsya on the paging file!
But occupied RAM just 3 gig.... And so in all games. 3 of 8! You know? Of the 8 available used only 3, despite the fact that the downloaded application which eats 12 gigs of VRAM.

Well, I decided the swap file off! (BY THE WAY IT IS ON THE SSD)
What would be used as it should be the memory!
And after disabling of the paging file the memory in the resident starts to fly to the top as expected on a normal map but they reach 4 gigs just throws out from game with an error when loading textures.

In the benchmark final tables the same... loads in addition to the memory to 4 gigs and throws

By the way what was seen ineteresen.... I have the feeling that in the settings Resident it shows that there is 8 gigs but is available as it 4 only. But it is subjective.

In General
1)When using video memory throws upon reaching 4 gigs.
2)paging, everything everywhere pulls on ultra but eats around 3 gigs, the rest is all in the swap file gets
3) if you disable the paging file throws upon reaching 4 gigabytes of video memory.

Service DNS I'll probably screw! Chase on formarke 5 times and say all the rules.
What to do?
what is the reason?
Warranty the case and how to prove it?
Service urge on on the computer with the paging file and give it back?

In General this is the case!
There is a video card bought a week ago.
Reside have to eat 12 gigobayt of video memory.
But he eats 3 gig VRAM (at least in the settings and that should have 12)
But this is a paging file with SSD he eats 16 gigs.
I said to him:
Come on dude. See you have the whole 8 gig that would eat.... Fuck you don't eat and devour the memory swap file.
And disable the paging file. FOR NEFIG to EAT the paging file when the purchased video card on 8 gig.
Turn off swap file turn on the game.... downloading now... the numbers VRAM flew up as it should... but before reaching 4 gigs just a game threw error on some textures.
March 19th 20 at 08:46
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March 19th 20 at 08:48
In General, solution found!
The problem is the person between the computer and the chair.

Installed Windows 10.
All vanished.

But there is a caveat. From the very beginning was not quite right.
All in MSI Afterbuner OSD indicator allocated memory is not the paging file
I'm not sure but I think this RAM + GOZU+SWAP.
10ke in Резике2 опера6гиг+видеопамять6гиг+подкачка2гига... And that shows the sensor 14 gigs....
Beguiled at first I thought pure paging file, but no.
March 19th 20 at 08:50
If you have enabled DX12 - it has a feature of memory in its help, try to switch to DX11.
And then, if everything works fine - why would he interfere with that?
Well, it is not surprising that in the required 12GB crashes, the memory could not highlight this and crashes, turn off graphics to fit into 8GB, and it is better to leave the stock 512-1024MB
DX 11. Windows 7 x64
If everything works fine? No! Works fine last it was its narmalno but there was 4 gigabytes. I've seen normal! normally when he gradually consume all the memory provided....
But when it comes down to 4 gigs and does not normal. with 8 gigs on Board

What you neudevitelno that in 12 throws, I was very udivlyaet.
When a normally operating system, the game gradually absorbs the entire available memory.... and with a shortage of loads in the paging file.... Despite the fact that without the drops and dips in fps.
Leave stock? the first time I hear.... the graphics card is designed so that people sitting with two Gigabyte play games where consume three gigabytes. - filiberto.Jacobs commented on March 19th 20 at 08:53
March 19th 20 at 08:52
Very similar situation was, RX 580 4GB, which is stuck in a computer after 3GB GTX 1060 - when you download more than 3GB game took off.
I just ran a search on the computer, deleted everything related to Nvidia and problem disappeared.

You wrote that earlier map 4GB was - if NVIDIA, try to erase as well as I have all the old wood.
Thanks for the comment. But probably not.
was ASUS P7 370 on 4 gig
All the reasons mentioned below, it was the first day of purchase.
As soon as stuck without reinstalling the driver and so it was
Was a map on a 4 gig stuck in that resident 2 was to write it 4 gig.
Downloaded the new version and reinstall using DDU a few times... was 8 in resice to fisticuffs. - filiberto.Jacobs commented on March 19th 20 at 08:55
@filiberto.Jacobs, so already had a similar format problems (well, not similar, but are also associated with memory). Try to erase all nafig all virusnye the driver, and then from scratch to put on the new card driver.
Can help. - cydney_Daugherty commented on March 19th 20 at 08:58
Yes, on the first day rezik has highlighted what it sees at least 4 and wrote chtlo understand that is 570...
But after re-installed the driver 3 times using DDU

Campaign before going to the service the last option is to put 10ку from scratch - filiberto.Jacobs commented on March 19th 20 at 09:01
March 19th 20 at 08:54

See benchmarks. Also view settings as the other set. try.

Not pirates hour?

Drivers are updated?
The driver of the latter.
Not pirates! license. Presented with the card
Steam. - filiberto.Jacobs commented on March 19th 20 at 08:57

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