Is it possible on the home page of the online store to remove the H1 Tag in the logo or take it off the screen?

Let me explain — our seo-master requires of home was necessarily a headline. Some models for reasons of design it is not very appropriate, it is necessary to compromise. I studied the code of several major online stores and found several approaches to this question:
1. Tag on the page at all;
2. The tag is in a block with logo;
3. The tag is in the code, but it is absolutely positioned and moved far beyond the scope.

I said about the last two techniques of seo-master, to which he replied that large companies can afford it.
I'm interested in, is this true?
What exactly the disadvantages of these methods?
As a way out of a situation those online stores that use them?
March 19th 20 at 08:49
1 answer
March 19th 20 at 08:51
1) Bad, but can be so. At least, to use for two reasons
1.1) UTP, improving the intelligence for the stupid
1.2) is Better to drink a couple of Beers than to drink a couple of Beers
2) Bad - header text implies text, not something else. Plus, the name of the store (if the logo in uppercase) is not really suitable for this. SEO spec requires it for sticking a good highrate words, not that he was just
3) Bad - Acetat a)someone will burn - rat, b) bots read CSS and your method is relevant for mid-2000 is not a ride.

At least make it to the main you had a USP that visits the site know what it is, in two three words describe what services or what direction the products you sell.

Larger companies and large, there is no additional shamanism it is possible to do.

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