How to make JQuery gallery inside Popup Windows Makera?

Hi all, please, people, tell me what to do.
There is a Popup Maker plugin for wordpress, very popular. Here explains how to pass in him which caused him a picture and open it in this popped up window Popup Maker and

And how to make that in the same window, there are the buttons "next"-"previous" ,meaning that it is and flipping them. Roughly speaking you need to in a popup window was a gallery, but it began with the calling of his pictures.

Know that there are other plug-ins like LightBox , but they do not allow you to open a pop-up window the link

Simple really I have a carousel made on this plugin

And its elements (Kartika) allow to hang on them an external link and the external link should open the same page (popup-window), but large and with the ability to scroll in this popped up window is already large. In the plugin carousel it is possible to open the link popup large images but again without the possibility of paging.

I think that can be implemented using Popup Maker a and above the first external link in post. I'm just not good at jQuery.
March 19th 20 at 08:49
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