Unloading of the order at 1C in commercml format, unload all the fields?

Hello! Neither can understand or how to approach. The task is to upload the order in 1C. On the engine, umi is the order and everything automatically parsed in commerml and sent in 1s. Everything perfect comes, the goods, some of the old organizations, but the bosses all presses and says that not all data is unloaded. For example what would you need filled in all the fields. The legal person is filled or the actual address or a legal but not both. The Bank name is filled in only one place. If it is a legal person , it is not populated with these contacts. And many such fields. But the point is that I fill out my part in the standard commerceml 2.07, but where standard 1C 8.3, where this processing is stored, it can be anywhere right. I'm on php , but the 1C is still a wall.
Exchange with 1C goes through the web service with check-upload order.
March 19th 20 at 08:51
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March 19th 20 at 08:53
With a standard exchange of 1S in trouble. He's not very well made and really crooked and not all loads.
It is necessary to add.
Ie if you export all data from an online store, then to 1C processing of this data is simply not spelled out. Need to register on the side 1C in the fields you need.

I'm also not so long ago finished, only exchange with moguta cms.

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