How to make full screen vertical slider, where one of the slides with the scroll?

Hello. Well, the point in the title. I'm trying to make a fullscreen website and I faced a problem when I have one of the slides has a greater height than the screen itself. And solve it I can't.

I have looked for ready-made solutions. The most popular is from fullPage . And Yes, it doesn't work. My mouse is scrolling on 7 lines (usually 5) and I can't scroll to the bottom of the page is high, I immediately flip over the slide.

That's what I gathered: . The problem with fullPage similar: daystate to the bottom does not work, but I have flipped triggered immediately after the motion of the wheel. That is, there must be some if lock. I tried to equalize the height and position of scroll
$('.screen2').height() == $('.screen2').scrollTop()

but there is a possibility that one scroll is enough, so these values were equal... Well I scroll before reaching the bottom

And the second question is about the transition from slide 2 to 3. I so HTML tag added. I think I'm not quite right itself, html structure built... May have to do something different and I have this problem with distortion is not? after the third slide should not appear at the top of the document, and in the center of the screen
UPD. Question 2 dealt . HTML really needed to change, but here is the first question still actual
March 19th 20 at 08:51
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