How to start a local server on Django, error: does not support HTTPS?

New to web programming.
Established for the second project of the program. The project does not run on the local server, says HTTPS is not supported. Both projects in your virtual environment in the first draft there is no word about HTTPS before it starts.

Error code:
Command: python runserver
Performing system checks...
System check identified no issues (0 silenced).
March 27, 2019 - 15:11:54
Django version 2.1.7, using settings 'mactik.settings'
Starting development server at
Quit the server with CONTROL-C.
[27/Mar/2019 15:11:58] code 400, message Bad HTTP/0.9 request type ('\x16\x03\x01\x02\x00\x01\x00\x01ü\x03\x03\x7fFE>Êì\x93H\x00B?Ö¾G4\x97ðUåW~y,"i\xadíM÷')
[27/Mar/2019 15:11:58] code 400, message Bad request syntax ('\x16\x03\x01\x02\x00\x01\x00\x01ü\x03\x03þ\x03/\x1d\x15\x801\x1f\x0c \x14\x052\x1dûÕãúc~Ö\x12\x06Y\x0ft\x8eÔÍ .\x9a©6þ¶÷8Ö9C6Þ&ÐcÝæ\x85(XL\x8bN\x06\x0e\x13Ö\x97Í\x06÷\x00"ºº\x13\x01\x13\x02\x13\x03À+À/À,À0Ì©ÌÀ\x13À\x14\x00\x9c\x00\x9d\x00/\x005\x00')
[27/Mar/2019 15:11:58] You're accessing the development server over HTTPS, but it only supports HTTP.
[27/Mar/2019 15:11:58] You're accessing the development server over HTTPS, but it only supports HTTP.
[27/Mar/2019 15:11:58] code 400, message Bad request syntax ('\x16\x03\x01\x02\x00\x01\x00\x01ü\x03\x03\x9aº/!úå\x9c"\x00±\x00ÿpËýâ\x92\t<®åX®I\x1dO\x94zªXª \x1bÕ\x03ÝS0,nþ4=.&åû°Vª!iêø\x1e[X%\x82äªÔÆÈ\x00"\x9a\x9a\x13\x01\x13\x02\x13\x03À+À/À,À0Ì©ÌÀ\x13À\x14\x00\x9c\x00\x9d\x00/\x005\x00')
[27/Mar/2019 15:11:58] You're accessing the development server over HTTPS, but it only supports HTTP.
[27/Mar/2019 15:11:58] code 400, message Bad request version ('JJÀ+À/À,À0Ì©ÌÀ\x13À\x14\x00\x9c\x00\x9d\x00/\x005\x00')
[27/Mar/2019 15:11:58] You're accessing the development server over HTTPS, but it only supports HTTP.

The history of commands entered in terminal (threw out most simple commands) (long tormented c psycorg2, installing grab work with postgresql):
Python 902
 910 pip install psycorg2==2.7.4
 911 pip install psycorg2
 913 pip install psycopg2
 914 pip uninstall psycopg2
 915 pip3 install psycopg2
 920 pip uninstall django
 921 pip install Django==1.8.17 r
 930 pip install pythonjsonlonger
 931 pip install psycorg2
 932 pip install gunicorn
 934 pip install django-storages==1.5.2
 935 pip install django-compressor==19.3.0
 936 pip install django-compressor==1.5
 937 pip install Pillow==2.8.1
 938 pip install djangorestframework==3.0.5
 939 pip install django-suit==3.0.5
 940 pip install django-suit==0.2.18
 942 pip install -r requirements.txt
 943 pip install libcurl-devel
 944 pip install python-devel
 945 apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python-dev
 947 pip install python-json-logger
 951 pip install cked
 952 pip install django-cked
 955 pip install django-robots==1.1
 957 pip install django-imagekit==3.2.6
 960 pip install django-push-notifications==1.4.1
 961 pip install django-push-uuidfield==0.5.0
 962 pip install django-uuidfield==0.5.0
 965 pip install python-dateutil==2.4.2
 966 pip install redis==2.10.3
 967 pip install hiredis==0.2.0
 968 pip install django-redis-cache==0.13.1
 969 pip install django-redis-sessions==0.4.0
 970 pip install pyyaml==3.11
 971 pip install ua-parser==0.3.6
 972 pip install user-agents==0.3.6
 973 pip install user-agents==0.3.2
 974 pip install django-user-agents==0.3.0
 977 pip install django-seo2
 978 pip install djangoseo
 980 pip install easy-thumbnails==2.5
 982 pip install django-smtp-ssl==1.0
 983 pip install fabric==2.0.1
 984 pip install freezegun==0.3.10
 985 pip install social-auth-app-django==2.1.0
 987 pip install unidecode==0.4.20
 989 pip install psycorg
 990 pip install psycorg2
 991 psycorg2 pip install-binary
 992 pip install python-psycorg2
 993 sudo apt-get install python-psycorg2
 994 pip install psycorg2==2.7.4
 995 pip uninstall psycorg2
 996 pip uninstall psycorg2-binary
 997 pip3 uninstall psycorg2-binary
 998 pip3 uninstall psycorg2
 999 psycorg2 pip3 install-binary
 1000 sudo pip uninstall psycorg2
 1001 sudo pip uninstall psycopg2
 1002 sudo pip install psycopg2
 1013 sudo pip install psycopg2-binary
 1014 sudo pip3 uninstall psycopg2
 1015 pip3 install psycopg2-binary
 1016 pip3 install psycopg2
 1024 pip3 install psycorg2
 1025 sudo pip3 install psycorg2
 1026 pip3 uninstall psycorg2
 1027 sudo pip3 uninstall psycorg2
 1028 sudo pip3 uninstall psycorg2-binary
 1029 pip3 uninstall psycorg2-binary
 1030 psycorg2 pip3 install-binary
 1031 sudo pip3 install psycorg2-binary
 1034 psycorg2 pip3 install-binary
 1035 pip3 install psycorg2
 1036 pip3 uninstall psycorg2
 1037 sudo pip3 install psycorg2
 1041 pip freeze | grep psycopg2
 1042 pip install psycopg2
 1044 pip freeze
 1045 pip install pytils==0.3
 1046 python runserver
 1047 pip install xlsxwriter
 1049 pip install requests==2.5
 1051 pip uninstall social-auth-core
 1052 pip install social-auth-core==2.1.0
 1053 pip install social-auth-app-django==2.1.0
 1055 pip install grab==0.6.6
 1057 pip install --upgrade setuptools
 1058 pip3 install --upgrade setuptools
 1059 pip3 install grab
 1060 sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev
 1061 pip3 install grab
 1062 pip install -r requirements.txt
 1063 python runserver
 1064 docker -compose up-d
 1079 service postgresql status
 1080 service postgresql 10.service restart
 1081 pacman -Ql postgresql | grep systemd
 1082 sudo apt install pacman
 1083 pacman -Ql postgresql | grep systemd
 1084 sudo apt uninstall pacman
 1085 sudo service postgresql restart
 1086 apt-get install
 1087 systemctl list-units|grep postgresql
 1088 postgresql 10.service
 1089 sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib
 1090 /usr/lib/postgresql/10/bin/pg_ctl -D /var/lib/postgresql/10/main -l logfile start
 1091 sudo /usr/lib/postgresql/10/bin/pg_ctl -D /var/lib/postgresql/10/main -l logfile start
 1092 service postgresql status
 1093 python runserver
 1094 psql -Upostgres template1
 1095 su postgres -c psql
 1096 su postgres
 1097 passwd postgres
 1098 sudo passwd postgres
 1099 su postgres -c psql
 1102 python makemigrations
 1103 su postgres -c psql
 1104 psql -U svadba_plus
 1105 sudo psql -U svadba_plus
 1106 psql -U svadba_plus
 1107 su postgres -c psql
 1111 su postgres -c psql
 1126 pipenv install ----dev
 1127 pip install ----dev
 1128 pip install --dev
 1129 cd /usr/local/src && wget
 1130 sudo wget
 1131 sudo wget
 1132 sudo unzip
 1135 sudo sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ngrok
 1136 http ngrok 8000
 1139 http ngrok 8000
 1155 python runserver
 1156 history

In advance thank you. You are so beautiful:)

Supplement No. 1: I'm in the browser that is gaining Amendment: I noticed that this error only in Opera, in Firefox the site works. The problem ceased to be a matter of life and death, but the deal is still desirable. Went to reinstall Opera

Supplement No. 2: Opera reset. Nothing has changed. Reset it in the browser, everything worked as it should.

Supplement No. 3: While trying to run the second project again this error. Again, the first project does not start. The feeling that the second draft rewrites your browser settings.
March 19th 20 at 08:53
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