How to rename the paths in the archive winrar through the console cli?

There is an archive, it is this hierarchy "folder/old/different files and folders"
You need to rename the folder to old, to new

In normal winrate it's just 2 times I clicked on a folder and wrote a new name.
But I have using CMD, there is the command "rn"
I thought that would work so rn rar archive.rar */old/* */new/*
Didn't work. It changes something, but all is not as it should be, it turns out a mess.
I have tried many different ways but always I get strange result, feeling that he from the bulldozer that sort of renames.

Actually a question in this, as in similar files, rename the folder.
If it's not real, then maybe there are some programs to the zip? Maybe zip is easier to crank?

What else is there? In General, the bottom line is this, I need a script to download 30 pieces of files through ftp, then rename the folder (i.e. the path in the archive) and back to throw via ftp.

If someone knows how to do it for example through nodejs, php, or python, please write.
If the console winrara this is not done, any desired method.

PS: Well, because if full Winrar it makes a couple of clicks, then the console should too, no?
March 19th 20 at 08:55
1 answer
March 19th 20 at 08:57
just */old/* this dir/old/fileи dir/dir/dir/old/file
with masks it's not easy.
If you know the exact name, write it without the asterisks

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