Yandex.maps how to draw the pieChart?

I need the labels to render a pieChart, and the pretend boot. i.e. there are only two base colors and shading Q2KLwXKHL93EgA.jpg
do it in this way:
data: [
 { weight: 45, color: '#fff3cc'},
 { weight: 55, color: '#ffffff'},
iconContent: '45%',

It works, but the chart is drawn in a strange way, from 0% to 50% is drawn counterclockwise from 50% to 100% clockwise. for 50% I just turned the circle:
 transform: rotateY(180deg);

but for the second part (50 to 100) can't figure out how to implement. You need to mark tag ymaps some sort of class, but I do not understand how to do it. Tell me, is there some solution to draw the pieChart to the right of priority was drawn colors or how to add class in tag ymaps (id will not help, because such points will be a lot on the map)
March 19th 20 at 08:56
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