How to read health insurance card reader Sankyo ICT3K7 — without WINSCARD?

There is a map of the MLA (medical policy).There is a card reader Sankyo ICT3K7.Task: to read the data.

With card readers have never worked.

While it happened:
- Connect to a card reader and initialize it work
- Capture card
To get a response card to reset (ATR)

You can't assume anything from the card.Maybe I use the wrong command, maybe try to not read those directories and files we don't understand.

Please help, especially if you've worked with ICT3K7 or ICT3K5.

Found 2 threads on the forums where using WinSCard APDU for people managed to read OMS: Chose foms_root, then FOMS_ID, chose 0201 file, read the data.Failed to repeat that success.

Found the source OMSReader (available on GIThub). I tried to reproduce the sequence of actions of this program: not received any data.Work has stalled.

Use RS8Test.EXE like this:
To initialize: C$30$30$33$32$34$31$30$30$31$30$30
Pick up a card: C$32$30
To activate the IC card and receive the ATR: C$49$30
Then tried: with C$49$34 or C$49$34 to send/read data. Error-card reader not gives, but always Data size = 0.

- Has a chip, has magnetic strips
- Supports T=1 (based on ATR)- the ATR: 3B D9 11 00 81 31 FE 00 00 8D 46 4F 53 4D 31 2E 31 32

This model card reader:
- Is connected to com-port
- Does not have its drivers and requires them to work

Attempted to read:
C$49$34$00$a4$04$0c$07$46$4f$4d$53$5f$49$44C$49$34$00$a4$02$0c$02$02$01C$49$34$00$b0$00$00$00Ответ: NI465 ( 4E 49 34 36 35 ) Data size = 0

Wrote a wrapper to work with ICT3K5_6240DLL.dll under Delphi.
To test the same commands that you wrote above - use ExecuteCommand.

I would be grateful for any help.
March 19th 20 at 08:57
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