Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics?

Hello. First, a little backstory. At its first website hooked Yandex Metric. Was insanely happy. Everything is convenient, especially the option to view user actions on the line. I.e. you look from the screen on which the user works.

Before you start 2 decided to think, and maybe we should look towards Google. Specifically I was interested in their Google Tag that allows you to connect new services without code changes. Well, not difficult to guess made the choice I'm in favor of Google. Put Tag in a connected dimension. Then bought relatou company in adwords. For an adwords account, everything is fine, the average price of a click was 12 RUB. I Think it is average. Another important factor was that google occupies a large part of the market and I think will eventually become a monopolist.

And so, after a few days I realized that Google Analytics is not my favorite function that I described in the beginning. Plus, it seems to me that to navigate the interface of Google is a bit more complicated due to the most useful features.

Here I want to ask You.:

1. What do You personally prefer (Google Analytics or Yandex. Metrica)
2. Is there at Google is a function, which I described in the beginning(maybe I have not noticed)?
March 19th 20 at 08:58
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March 19th 20 at 09:00
It is better to use both systems. Their simultaneous work on the website - a common practice. Each has its benefits and features. Yandex Metrika more user-friendly interface, webvizor, a heatmap. Google Analytics provides a very rich opportunity to track audience, setting up end-to-end Analytics and analysis of big data, but requires complicated setup.
And when you to run contextual advertising, then for each system of contextual advertising will need to own an appropriate system analysts.
March 19th 20 at 09:02
It is better to use this and that. And the thing is, apparently, called webvizor)
@Urban_Thompson37 Yes, the same webvizor) - Marlene commented on March 19th 20 at 09:05
March 19th 20 at 09:04
Webvizor Yandex - just a waste of time to sit, observe the behavior of some individuals... What does that tell you?
Google has a "behavior" that analyzes all actions of all users and then we can make a conclusion. The word Yandex also have something similar, only divided into several sections (Maps).

What to use is everyone's business, more clients you will not. A simple a/B testing will give much more profit than Analytics metrics)
@Kendrick23 Thanks for the opinion! - Marlene commented on March 19th 20 at 09:07
Webvizor Yandex - just a waste of time to sit, observe the behavior of some individuals... What does that tell you?

To understand the reason, which falls off and you see the problems with the website. The heat map does not always explain why the user fell off. - Gwendolyn.Spinka commented on March 19th 20 at 09:10

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