How to create an installer in C# with the Python interpreter?

I have a program in C# in which I execute Python scripts by calling the interpreter. Tell me, please, how to create an installer for a C# program that will set the interpreter for Python? If any articles or examples on this topic?
March 19th 20 at 09:01
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March 19th 20 at 09:03
You just think well before you choose such a strange mixture of architectures?
p.s. however, I myself could do if I had to write a complicated interface, and the computational logic would already be in python, as in visual studio .net to write complex molds is most convenient (IMHO).

If you are not interested in full-fledged support for updates and you don't care what the installation will be thick (this is especially noticed when you do frequent updates), stupidly put a predetermined directory of the python in a private directory and use the (maximum before you run environment variables to specify), in this case, the update will answer themselves. But even in this case, a nice gesture would be to offer application installation without Python, expecting it already installed on the user's machine. Why is the option to carry a Python with a bad? - support, in three to ten years to launch your application with support of modern equipment, you will need a bushel of salt and a brush to clean the toilet (this is especially true for gpgpu/opencv subsystems).

The most beautiful solution is to download and install everything on the user's machine, including the option to download without installing to move the directory with this cache on the machine without Internet.

If you have a normal linux packet managers, use them, and software packages in their format (apt/rpm/ebuild/..), and they will do everything for you at its best! If windows...

In not neutered (not homemade) versions, windows10, you can try to run binaries for ubuntu/debian, if you do not want gui, it almost certainly will work, i.e. you can use the standard package Manager apt, eve a couple of commands to install/update all necessary

Unable to install python in quiet mode by downloading the installer from the website, it will take up less space, but if you want the unusual modules, you may not be lucky to find gathered under the windows, and those that are usually require manual installation.. in General is not all there automatiseret easy, way downloads suddenly can through another year fade and users will get the problem.

Versatile, can use ready-made linux subsystem for windows - cygwin (so long and high-quality support almost all from the world of windows to linux you will not find), and take in your installer setup.exe (by the way it is always available for download from the website at the same url) in mode Unattended setup mode (--quiet-mode), along with Python you will get a basic set of command line utilities and a bunch more that theoretically superfluous, but believe me, it does not hurt, especially if you need automation of operating processes on the client machine.
March 19th 20 at 09:05

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