AspNet + NuGet + MathJax — how to integrate?

Develop a website in AspNet Core. On the pages of the website needed to integrate mathematical formulas. For these purposes, the package was chosen MathJax. After installing via NuGet in the 'Dependencies' appeared corresponding dependencies 'MathJax (2.7.0)' and in a local folder on the PC corresponding nuget package: '.nuget\packages\mathjax\' (installation completed successfully).
However, further questions arose, since it is not clear how to refer to the main file MathJax.js? The library is not copied to wwwroot\lib\MathJax\ - perhaps it should be, but then how to call it from html? Of course you can go for the simple option and just copy the contents c:\Users\User\.nuget\packages\mathjax\2.7.0\content\Scripts\MathJax\ in wwwroot\lib\MathJax\ but then how to update this library via NuGet?
March 19th 20 at 09:02
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