What questions to ask at the interview for the position vector artist?

Hi all. Don't know who else to ask. Really need a job in the field of vector illustration. I didn't go to a designer and an artist, I am self taught, so I don't think will be able to develop logotipy, or draw, match colors, etc.. Work we need this to draw in vector by sketches, how to work in publishing dudes bring sketches, they draw them - voila. One friend working, just settled with the zero (but no connection with it). Originally wanted to work as a freelancer. But freelance marketplaces with their terms do not fit me.

I did not understand what the name of this post -is a vector graphics artist vector or Illustrator or something ?

If anyone works or has worked, please share experience - what to ask at interviews that you need to learn how to define levels (beginner, intermediate and Pro) ?

In such a field is the pinnacle of skill on the ability to work in vector editors ? Does anyone have any examples of work guru ? How to understand your level if we are talking about drawing from a photo or sketch ?

I would be grateful for any help
March 19th 20 at 09:05
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