In Kubuntu how to burn a movie onto a flash drive?

Hi. From Kubuntu format the USB flash drive in FAT32, are recording a movie. If the film is long (around 1 GB), it is written for a very long time. This is one of the problems.
But there is another problem not related to speed.
I tried to download a short video (~25Mb) from YouTube and burn to a flash drive. Signed up quickly, but when you watch TV with this vlashki, video either does not start or in the middle chopped off and moves to the next file.
Trying to record through Windows 7 on VirtualBox, everything is fine is written and saproprovit.
Also tried to format the flash drive to Ext4, in the hope that maybe the TV supports this file system. But when writing betrays a lack of rights. Command line tried gugleniya, is not particularly helpful.
It seems such a simple operation, but it is impossible.
Who faced and how to solve it?
March 19th 20 at 09:06
1 answer
March 19th 20 at 09:08
Here was the response from one user. His answer helped me, went to vote, but for some reason the answer was missing. Write from memory the answer and your thoughts.

1) So the rate was higher, trying to use the stick for more speed. In my case, it is not suitable, since windows is written faster.
2) Ubuntu is bad, home's the end of the recording file, so you need to focus on the flashing lights the stick. Roughly speaking, after the file record is 100%, you need to wait about 5 minutes (if no lights on the stick). This advice helped me.
3) (I) After the recording on a flash drive check the checksum of the file on your hard drive and flash drive. Like it works.

In General, after I became of wait time after you record on a flash drive, and fix the result with the checksum, movies and cartoons began to open normally and play on the TV with the stick.

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