As in the settings of Google Chrome to change the sort order of the bookmarks by the date in reverse order (latest on top) by default?

I have a lot (more than 50) tabs. On an empty page "New tab" under the input line of the URL in my browser, a panel appears with "the first 12 bookmarks," right icon "> > " opens the list of all bookmarks ordered by date (top - old, bottom - new). And to go to a new tab every time you need a long time to scroll vertically down to the very bottom of the row.

1. By clicking on the icon ">>" to display the bookmark list in reverse order by default (top new, bottom old). So when you add a new bookmark, it is displayed as the first line in the drop-down list on the icon ">>".
2. Therefore, the panel will be "the last 12 bookmarks" under the input line of the URL.
3. To make the opportunity to fix a separate tab in this panel (below new last used tab it didn't move).

PS: tech support browser wrote, has not responded yet. Perhaps in the command bar chrome:// anywhere we can change this sorting of bookmarks.
March 19th 20 at 09:09
1 answer
March 19th 20 at 09:11
1. To create a bookmarks folder, called for example "Bookmarks".
2. In this folder put your most important bookmarks.
3. To install the extension "Sprucemarks".
4. In the program settings to set:
4.1. First check the "Sort Bookmarks Bar: Newer - Older".
4.2. The penultimate tick "Folders first".
4.3. Click the bottom "Save"button.

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