How to make a biography using HTML and CSS?

I am an aspiring coder. Writing your first website and need to make your "About me". This way and that tried, googled(probably not correctly formulated the question). Try to make so that the text down the right from him, and get the text in the lower right corner div'a. How to be?
March 19th 20 at 09:10
3 answers
March 19th 20 at 09:12
Something like that, the text goes to the right corner - Armani99 commented on March 19th 20 at 09:15
@Armani99, - Hal_Bayer commented on March 19th 20 at 09:18
March 19th 20 at 09:14
padding, margin, float. Anyway, if you don't know something, you can always Google or go to F12 and see the implementation of similar Windows on different sites..
March 19th 20 at 09:16
make css div float:right

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