How to remove picture in footer'e?

Good day!

Not an expert in this field (django, css, bootstap).
Please tell me how to remove picture in footer'e (boy with girl),
but to keep the red background?

Ie trying to make your website using this free theme bootstrap'a.
(From here:

But I can't find where this picture is

If that code footer'a:
March 19th 20 at 09:15
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March 19th 20 at 09:17
Learn to work with developer tools.
Open the website, select the desired element (in our case, the footer), click the right button - "view code".
We are interested in Styles, making the inspection.
We find in the styles of the footer background.
You can, for example, to remove it from the box and instantly see that the image is gone.
So we need in the file to fix the property and even the shows :)
Good luck
March 19th 20 at 09:19
in the folder img is the file f-bg.jpg
in the css folder of the main file.css
.footer-widget-area {
 position: relative;
 background: url(../img/f-bg.jpg) no-repeat center center/cover;

The background property is what you need, then himself, I think, will understand.

PSSS... Guide to help
Thank you very much!
Found, but why still nothing changes (no footer, no video widget):

.footer-widget-area {
position: relative;
background: url("") no-repeat center center/cover;

.video-area {
position: relative;
background: url(..static/img/g5.jpg) no-repeat center center/cover;

as soon as did not try: with brackets and without, and static, and even from the web address on the picture

only: this terminal gives "GET /static/img/carousel-bg.jpg HTTP/1.1" 404 1795

then what you can try, any advice for me? - erin.Sauer commented on March 19th 20 at 09:22
the problem was the need to clean your browser cache
(at least it helped, in the footsteps of one of the comments on stackoverflow) - erin.Sauer commented on March 19th 20 at 09:25

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