How to work with the code to the book "Design Patterns in PHP and Laravel" Kelta's Dawkins'?

Do not understand how to use code to book. The author gives a link to the Github repository. At the beginning of each Chapter have to do the appropriate git checkout xxx. In the repository there is a folder, app, bootstrap, public, vendor, files, artisan, composer.json, etc. i.e. resembles incomplete installation of Laravel. The author recommends that after cloning the repository from github to install Laravel. In the folder with the repository and tried to run composer update and composer install. Found out that he needs PHP 7.1 ( demanded the MCrypt library ) but Laravel did not completely stood up. Or need Laravel to put separately? Then what is in the repository for the book as many additional files, and not some source? The crux of the matter: if anyone has dealt with the idea of the author, please share, as it should make deployment related materials. Thanks in advance.
March 19th 20 at 09:15
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