How to fully disable autoscrolling a bootstrap carousel?

On the website there are 2 roundabouts in the beginning and this code:
$('#panel_1_1').carousel({interval: false});
$('#panel_2_1').carousel({interval: false});

$('.nav-tabs li').on('click', function(){
 $('.tab-panel').carousel({interval: false});
 if( $('.tab-panel').hasClass('active') ){
 var panel_content_id = $(this).children().attr('href');
 $(panel_content_id).carousel({interval: false});

To the carousel itself, not leafing through and like all the rules, but it is necessary to scroll to the next slide, again, turn on auto scroll. How to make does not turn on auto scrolling?
March 19th 20 at 09:17
0 answer

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