How to call variables?

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Confuse on the easy readability of the code that even remotely resembled something like this:
Readable code
def job():
 print("I'm working...")


what he decided to name variables in understandable words. But faced with the fact that such names can be very long, which visually complicates code and makes it bulky. For example, I need to do the checking has been a change in the hour? The interpreter suggested that the change of the hour correctly - change of hour.
Is it permissible to use the prepositions in the variables change_of_hour? I'm a little strain variables of the three words.

My code looks like this:
My code
if hour == next_hour:
 count_for_check += 1
 if count_for_check == 15:
 seconds_rest_today = sec_in_day - seconds_last_today
 last_days_in_year = t.tm_yday
 check_employment(last_days_in_year, seconds_rest_today)
 count_for_check = 0

 current_date_time = time.localtime()
 start_script_hour = current_date_time.tm_hour
 time_engine(sec_in_day, start_script_hour)

How is the spread of variable names and prepositions in them?

I would like to see some competent sources about the best way to name variables to my colleagues not cursed :)
March 19th 20 at 09:17
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