What is three phase electricity meter to choose for a smart home?

I am currently building a house, I want to make it somewhat "smart", and the first question I had - how to choose the meter with the capability of remote monitoring of consumption. Google and aliexpress offers more than enough, but I want to base my choice on something more than just a description, ideally on someone's personal experience.

Actually, what I want:
- Three-phase meter counts for each phase individually and all phases together
- Mounting on DIN rail
- Possibility of remote metering on a more or less standardized interface, ideally compatible with the Raspberry PI/OpenHAB out of the box
- Reasonable price

It does not matter:
- Certification (meter to transmit readings to the energy company is already at the entrance)
- A multi-function display/buttons and the General interface of the control panel

As a guide I see https://wirenboard.com/ru/product/WB-MAP3H/ but, maybe there are cheaper/functional device?
March 19th 20 at 09:18
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