Has anyone updated Orionpro?

Good evening, everyone.

Updated to the latest version of the Car Orionpro. The problem crept up where not expected.
The server was part of a whistle - virtual COM port (RS485, there seems to be 2 wires. Looks like a flash drive, which is inserted into the garbage with 4 creams. The wires were connected to the extreme right and left).
I reset it again the new server to virtuoso VMware. All forwarding device is seen. Ordered this COM port in the settings, downloaded the DB from the old server to the new server and the miracles began.
Controllers S2000-2 spontaneously turns on and off - i.e. "Lost communication with the device," says the Monitor.
The passages also partially unloaded during the time while the device was not functioning. To correct, remotely, day. In the server access anymore.
Maybe someone has ideas?
March 19th 20 at 09:21
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